Eating from the Can of a Different Tuna

April 4, 2007


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Eating from the Can of a Different Tuna

Are you, like me, finding it easier to manifest things in your life? I just got back from a camping trip with seven friends. We all felt totally unprepared, and yet it all came together quite magically.

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To begin with, six of us were driving, in two cars, from Thornton, Colorado.  We were supposed to stop at a place southwest of Denver to meet the other two, and then continue from there - caravan style.  But as we were driving down I-70, alas, the two who were joining us merged onto the highway right behind us.  We never even had to stop.  (There had been no cell phone or other contact with them for over an hour - only a plan to meet at a Park-and-Ride off the highway.)

Once at the campsite, tired and hungry, I was eager to get the fire going and some food cooking.  I ran around asking if anybody had brought matches.  It turned out the last person I asked had remembered to bring some.  It was the same with everything.   One person remembered to bring dish soap and scrubbers, only one brought salt, one brought condiments for the burgers, etc, etc.  It turned out we had all we needed, and in half a dozen cases, only because one out of eight had remembered to bring that particular item.  It was quite amazing.

Another 'neat' manifestation story happened to me three weeks ago.  I went to Sam's Club here in Loveland (CO) to buy a couple of necessities and happened to walk by where they had the tuna fish cans. But they came in economy sized packs.  You had to buy twenty cans or so.  When it comes to tuna, I crave a little bit of it a few times a year.   My mouth was watering after it, but I did not want to buy a 20-pack.

Later that night, I took a walk through downtown Loveland.  On the sidewalk outside the post office, on a very busy city street, I found something.  My guess is that someone had their groceries on the back of their bicycle and a few items fell out without them noticing it.  The only thing salvageable was... you guessed it... an unbroken can of tuna.

Hmm... I've been thinking a lot about the actress Evangeline Lilly (from 'Lost') since then and gone for a walk every night.  So far to no avail.


- By author of "Illuminating Physical Experience"


Update 5/28/08:

I wrote the above story over a year ago.  Today I'm publishing it on my new web-site.  Do things like that ever happen in your life?  Are they mere coincidences?  You judge for yourself.  They still keep happening in my life.

Two days ago, I went to a local video rental place at a run down strip mall.  The parking lot pavement was extremely worn, full of holes and cracks with grass and weeds growing in them.  I'm sure it had not seen any maintenance for 20 years.  I said, "They really need to pave this."

Two days later, I came back to return the movies and the whole parking lot was glistening with a thick new coat of asphalt.  Believe me, I'm not one to think that the universe revolves around me but... geez, sometimes it appears as though the universe revolves around me...

Then again, it probably revolves around you, too... and around Tom, and Dick, and Harry...



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