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Unconditional Self Acceptance: Illuminating
                      Physical Experience
Illuminating Physical Experience by Foley, Shaffer & Davidsson

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Are you ready for a fabulous journey into yourself?

Illuminating Physical Experience Taking responsibility for your own health and life is quite a job. No one book or method can save you - that's your job. If you are truly committed to your inner growth and self-healing, Illuminating Physical Experience can be a powerful companion and compendium on your spiritual and physical journey.
   The central concept of this book is Emotional Ownership, which means taking full responsibility for everything in your life - your joy as well as your pain and illness. While this may be a startling idea for many, it is also very self-empowering! Some of the information in this book is very thought-provoking. However, if you are ready to engage in self-responsibility, then you are ready for this information.
   You've probably made self-limiting vows that you don't remember. Chastity? Poverty? Humility? Obedience? Why did you choose these vows and how can you be free of their influences? How do you retrieve soul fragments? What are the strengths and limitations of each race adn world religion? Wh do our children kill? This book can give you some wonderful insights.
   Illuminating Physical Experience does exactly what the title says - it illuminates in great detail our physical experience. The symbolic meaning of every body part and its related diseases, from Alzheimer's to Fibromyalgia, is all explained in terms that are easy to understand and work with. Also, the book summarizes 20 therapies you  might choose tohelp you - from Acupuncture to Voice Dialogue.
   Illuminating Physical Experience is a book to help you heal. Above all, it teaches that YOU and your emotions are the source of your own sacred solutions.


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Illuminating Physical Experience Book Excerpts:
Constipation, Emotional Aspects
Diabetes, Emotional Aspects

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