Cleansing Our Chakras - Becoming A Complete Person!

by Jane Wickham

   April 9, 2010       

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Cleansing Our Chakras - Becoming A Complete Person!

Every part of us is interdependent: our bodies, minds and spirits are all an important part of our overall health. Our chakras are part of our bodies, even though we cannot see them and they are just as subject to physical, environmental and spiritual influences as the rest of us. Chakra cleansing can help you to stay in optimal health by keeping our chakras properly balanced and maintaining the efficient flow of energy.

Our mind, spirit and body all work together in harmony, so chakra cleansing is important to your health, just like regular exercise and eating right.

These are some of the chakra cleansing techniques which have been used for millennia:

*Smudging: Smudging involves letting herbs smolder; their smoke can eliminate the negative energy which prevents the flow of energy through your chakras. White sage is one of the best ? burn some of this herb in a room after closing the doors and windows so that the smoke fills the room; you?ll need to be in the room for a few minutes to get the chakra cleansing benefits of smudging.

*Auric brushing: Crystals and gems can be used to heal and cleanse chakras, but should only be done by a trained professional as if not done the right way, this technique can cause damage.

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*Diet and rest: A nutritionally balanced healthy diet that includes lots of water and fresh vegetable and fruit juices is important. You should also be sure to get enough sleep every night; these steps will keep your chakras in better shape, since your mental, spiritual and physical health are all dependent on each other.

*Regular exercise and proper breathing helps to keep your chakras working properly.

*Nature: Spending some time in nature can be an effective method of chakra cleansing. Get out into the countryside and observe the plants and animals even if you live in a city, you can do this at a park; the important thing is to make some time to experience the natural world.

*Color therapy: Every chakra corresponds to a color. By looking at these colors or even just visualizing them, you can stimulate your chakras into proper function and clear away energy blockages.

*Music: Music is one of the most effective methods of chakra cleansing. Music stimulates and activates your chakras and along with them, your endocrine system.

*Mental Exercise: By keeping your mind active and endeavoring to learn new things, your chakras will stay more active and free of blockages.

*Make a little time every day to meditate and reflect on your day. This gives you perspective and is a very effective method of chakra cleansing.

*Love yourself: You cannot give or receive love until you first love yourself; love causes the production of brain chemicals which produce a sensation of well being and is also healthy for your chakras.

*Be in touch with your emotions: When you can't accept or process your emotions you'll be incapable of effectively expressing how you feel to other people; and repressing your emotions will lead to a negative energy buildup which can keep your chakras from sending energy through your being.

*Be creative: Bring your creativity into play in your day to day life. This makes your life a more enjoyable one and keeps your energy flow healthy.

*Accepting the possibilities of past lives and learning from them. This can give you an increased self awareness which will help you to more effectively practice chakra cleansing.

*Be the change you want to see in the world: Live your life in accordance with the principles of honesty, respect and trust.

*Prayer, like meditation can keep your chakras in balance and help you to maintain good health. Prayer quiets our minds and opens them.

All of these chakra cleansing techniques can work for you and should be practiced regularly. It may not happen overnight, but when you keep up using these chakra cleansing methods, you'll start to see the benefits and have a higher quality of life.

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