Constipation, Emotional Aspect

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Constipation Emotional Aspect

Peristalsis (movement of fecal matter through the intestines) has a direct connection to a person's flow of life force in general, and specifically to the expression and flow of one's sexual energy. Constipation is commonly seen in connection with suppressed sexual self-expression, where there is stagnation and lack of movement in a person's sexual energy and life force. When the sexual energy and life force become stagnant, the movement of the food material from which we absorb nutrients that support our life force on the physical level also stagnates in our bodies.

Constipation can also occur in people who tend to escape into over-intellectualizing rather than feeling their feelings and allowing for change and transformation, letting go of that which no longer serves them. The imbalanced mental body involvement is an escape to avoid the emotional aspects of life.

Constipation is a dryness that mirrors the mental dryness of over-analyzing, over-intellectualizing or being addicted to belief system, form or technique, because the emotional embodiment required for resolving the issue is too threatening.

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