Diabetes, Emotional Aspect

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Diabetes, Emotional Aspect

The pancreas is another location where we stuff our "I'm not worthy of love" feelings. The pancreas maintains our blood sugar levels. Diabetes and Hypoglycemia are polarities of the same issue which comes out of a history of "I'm not lovable." A fear of accepting the sweetness of life, the love of God, and the reality of one's lovability creates havoc in the pancreas.

There is a difference in between the feeling of unlovability expressed through the pancreas versus that expressed through the throat and chest.

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If it's expressed through the pancreas, it is ultimately because of a basic fear of the power (and thus responsibility) that goes along with being lovable. A person who feels unlovable and unworthy of love, and who simultaneously fears the power that comes with being a lovable person, creates diseases such as Diabetes or Hypoglycemia. The inability to handle the sweetness is caused by this more primordial fear of power, which these people associate with being lovable and loved. This is the true reason why their bodies manifest these most disempowering diseases that greatly limit the individual's personal power.

Put another way, the body of a person with Diabetes of Hypoglycemia is severely impaired in it's ability to convert the sweetness in food into power (energy) through the process of metabolism, as a direct manifestation of the person's fear of the power that would result from taking in the sweetness of love.

(Later additional note: When we are loved, when someone loves us, we have an influence over that person. The more we are loved, the more influence we have over others, and the more power we have in our relationships and our lives.  That is the 'logic' of the subconscious mind in creating diabetes, and the reason for using it to disempower (= protect) a person.)


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