Tapping Into Your Own Manifestation Powers!

by Tina Eastman

   April 9, 2010       

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Tapping Into Your Own Manifestation

Manifestation refers to the ability to 'make things happen.' This is a relatively simplistic explanation but one that we can all work with. Manifestation is a power that we all have to one degree or another. Tapping into the power that we currently have and being able to harness it more directly is something that we can work at and become much more adept at.

But we are. It's not antireligious or sacramental to determine that you have the power within your own mind to make things happen the way you want them to. Free will is the ultimate gift we were given, thus we can still be faithful individuals while learning how our own mind's abilities work for us instead of against us.


As very young children, we had very powerful minds. As we grew we were told repeatedly that we had to give up the power we found in our minds. It was childish, according to the grown ups we were surrounded with, and so little by little we allowed our minds to falter in their own abilities. Fortunately, we can take back that power if we want to.

On a low level we can all create a certain amount of manifestation and we even are encouraged to do so. When we are sick we are reminded that are thought patterns are essential to our healing process. When we are chasing a goal we are reminded that we have to stay focused in order to make it happen. These are mild forms of the power of manifestation.

What we feed our mind is important. What information we give it to process and focus on will help determine the direction our life takes. When we focus on small details of life that have no bearing on our mission forward we are less likely to be able to practice manifestation skills.

The adult mind is highly cluttered which is why we have such a hard time accessing our own senses. Bills, bosses, and bull weighs heavily on our hearts and minds and prevents us from developing the mind tools that will help us take the steps right out of where we are. When we are stressed it is harder to tap into our mind's abilities.

However, if we take the time to develop our ability to clear our mind and tap into our own sense and ability we will find that we become literally much more focused and capable of completing what we are looking for.

When you start clearing out all of the debris in your mind, you start making room to feed your brain different focus information. If you choose to numb your mind in front of the TV, you won't be giving your brain any new focus material. If you choose to start feeding it the information you need to make sure that you can develop your own manifestation power, you will be able to take back your own control.

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