Projection Techniques Explained

Astral Projection Techniques Explained

by Chris Jewell


Astral projection is a state in which human soul leaves from human body and begin to travel. Or it may be the self projection of soul when human body and conscious mind is about to rest. So it is normally happening when you are asleep. There are strong religious supports to the theory of astral projection, which says human soul leaves physical body and travels around sky and heaven.

Though it usually happens when human mind is not conscious of it, it can be practiced and achieved even when human beings are conscious of it. Its base lies in human body are constituted of both physical body as well as spiritual body. This spiritual body can leave physical body and get back to it after a while. If one is able to experience the astral projection it can make him great benefits. You have best to practice astral projection techniques and start spiritual walking.

No need to confuse about it possibility of astral walking through practicing astral projection techniques It is possible to all if they win to create an atmosphere in which astral body can leave human body very silently and go on astral projection.

Now experts say you can go astral travel consciously if you practiced some astral projection techniques. It does not require extra ordinary mind or divine soul. If you are able to control your mind and direct your thoughts you can practice astral projection techniques. It can gain through constant intellectual exercises. Here you have some astral projection techniques to help your soul to go on spiritual walking.

Select a room, which should allow you to meditate and practice astral dream techniques. Nothing should be distract your attention and deviate your thoughts. If it is in your home make sure that the room is isolated and free from disturbances from others.

Lay flat on your bed, close your eyes and breathe deeply. Try to fall asleep because we have to create a drowsy mood in which you should be conscious about actions taking place then. Hold your hand up and try to fall asleep. When you completely fall asleep you will loose your hands will fell down and you will wake up.

Take deep breath and relax. Fresh up your mind and wipe away unwanted thoughts. Clear and controlled mind is essential for astral projection. It is impossible to have astral projection from a stressed, pressured and an uneasy mind. And it is also impossible to undergo on spiritual walking when you are tired either mentally or physically.

Your body may shiver after a little time. Don't be overexcited or try to control it. Vibration may move from one part to another and let it allow. When you get control over vibration your body is ready to move to astral plane.

Your spirit will leave your soul slowly. Don't confuse your mind about any thing possibility of getting back to body, that may fail you to go on. Release your leg and arm from your body. You will feel like loosing your weight. Now your soul is almost left from your body. Enjoy the experience of astral projection through these astral projection techniques.

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