Benefits Of Gay Tantric Yoga

The Benefits Of Gay Tantric Yoga

by Howie Holben


Tantra, a Sanskrit word means to weave, expand, spread or connect. In gay tantra the couple aims to use their opposing flows of energy to reach a deeper connection and level of spirituality. Although many people believe the process is not possible for same sex couples, the increasing numbers of people getting involved shows otherwise. The appeal for many couples is the opportunity provided to become closer and obtain a more complete understanding of their personalities.

Tantra is a system of personal and spiritual development. It is not just about prolonging orgasms or becoming more intimate with your partner although these are common benefits. Contrary to most spiritual traditions Tantra views sexual energy and lust as an integral part of human spirituality and a path to enlightenment. It also involves recognizing darker parts of the personality and integrating those and full sexual potential into the being. The aim of Tantra is to expand boundaries, accept ourselves and dispel guilt or fear and learn about our mystical selves.

Tantra refers to a body of theories which have been developed from original ideas from Buddhist and Hindu traditions. Many methods are included in the discipline. This means that tantric practice can be very different with different teachers.

Some traditions of tantra assert that the practice is not possible for same sex couples because the opposing male and female energies are needed. However there are several schools which include gay tantra. Techniques which use the theories of Kundalini energy flows are possible for same sex couples. This is because in Kundalini the rising energy flows are the same in all people regardless of sexual preference or gender. Some traditions use a lot of visualization in their processes. In these cases partners can imagine themselves as being of different sexes when guiding the flows of energy. Sexual preference is viewed as a personality trait in Buddhism and is therefore unimportant in the context of tantra.

Tantric Buddhism was created by a Buddha and his companion Big SkyDancer. The followers of this school of tantra were known for being particularly passionate and devoted to the spiritual path. It was developed by a Frenchwoman called Margot Anand Naslednikoy in the eighties. Her system, called Sky Dancer Tantra is now the most widespread type of gay tantra. It is based on the concept of love as a dance in the sky.

Tantra includes a number of techniques. Yoga is included for the focus on body position and breathing. The visualization of magical powers and Gods is popular. Also visualization is used to strengthen the connection between the couple. For example they can imagine that they visualize the energy transferring from one to the other. Meditation is used in most tantra as the breathing patterns aid other techniques such as visualization. A common method is to have the couple take alternate breaths.

Tantric massage is another prevalent way to apply tantra. It is not intended to bring about climax but to release blockages of energy in the body. The masseuse builds up sexual energy in the body and then uses that to unblock the necessary areas.

Gay tantra is a growing practice among same sex couples and gay singles. It can encompass a range of techniques, practices and beliefs but the overall aim is spiritual development. There are many gurus and teachers throughout the world who run workshops and retreats and they are easily found online.

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