The Body
                    Chakras And You

The Body Chakras And You

by Yvonne Metler


The Body Chakras are an ancient Hindu science in itself of understanding the way a man is or his well being in the entirety, that is, physically, emotionally, psychologically and spiritually. The Body Chakras are seven energy centers placed in a vertical line along the human body in its subtle within. Scientifically speaking, each of these body are linked to the major nerve ganglia from the spinal cord and correlates to levels of consciousness, archetypal elements, developmental stages of life, body functions and much more.

The Base Body Chakra of Muladhar located at the last bone of our spinal cord is all about group force and group identity. Physically it is connected to our immunity system, legs, rectum, bones and feet. Its strength can be felt for example, when you watch your country win a gold medal. Any blockage or misdirection results in problems in the above areas of the body along with viral and epidemics.

After the Group identity in the Muladhar Chakra, the power of relationships and choice are given by the Swadhisthana Chakra. Located second from the base in the sacrum region, it is physically linked to reproduction and any blockage or energy misdirection thereof may results in diseases such as arthritis, ovarian cancer, etc. Psychologically, it teaches the lesson that after making choices one does not have absolute control on things and the fears of this chakra are those of loosing control, authority, power, money, issues with sex, addiction, etc.

The third body chakra of Manipura or the Solar Plexus chakra becomes active from the time of puberty and signifies the personal power of an individual. It is here that the individualism or the concept of self develops. While the positives of this body chakra involve self respect, self esteem, ambition, courage, ethics, etc, the negative aspects include fear of rejection, criticism, physical appearance consciousness. Channelizing this energy enhancing one's inner power results in an empowered, healthy and successful individual.

The central power house of the body chakras is that of the Anahata or the heart chakra as commonly known which may be termed as the central point where one's body meets his spirit. The fears in this chakra are those of emotional weakness, loneliness, betrayal, fear of commitment, etc and these can only be overcome with positives such as hope, trust, unconditional love and most importantly forgiveness. Always remember that negative energy of this chakra can not only wound a person emotionally but also has the capacity to cripple one physically with severe diseases. Hence, forgiveness is something that is not only an emotional act but also an important tool for physical wellbeing.

The fifth of the body chakras is that of the throat or Vishuddha Chakra which is the meeting point of the head and the heart with one usually playing a more dominant role over the other. The fears here are those of loosing control over one's life, fear about god's will while the positive is the development of faith.

The Ajna or the third eye is the sixth of the body chakras located between one's eyebrows which can be opened through meditation. It is that chakra which resonates with the positive energy reaching one's inner psyche and leads to healthy detachment from all perceptions that are subjective in nature and results in the ability of one to separate truth from illusion.

The last and the final of the body chakras resting at the crown of a person's head is that of the Sahasrara Chakra. It is the final and the topmost chakra of spiritual enlightenment which houses all positive energies. The positives of this chakra lie in the aspects of devotion, mystical connection, psychic powers and inspiration, and through advanced meditation, the ultimate truth about the universe is known. A person's true potential is realized and the immortality and omnipotence of the soul is experienced.

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