A Brief
                    History Of Metaphysical Jewelry

A Brief History Of Metaphysical Jewelry

by Christopher Caramelli


Nearly all faiths have items that are considered spiritual jewelry. If you are New Age, Christian or Buddhist you will find meaningful symbols of your faith that are designed for both men and women. This jewelry has roots that are very old. It is often found in the earliest traces of civilization.

Much of the early artwork that survives today has a spiritual connotation. Whether the art was an idol or a symbol of the creator's faith, we see surviving pieces made of stone, iron, brass or gold. In addition to those pieces of art, there were pieces of jewelry made that reflected the wearer's religious beliefs.

Some of the pieces were designed to be worn to keep away the evil spirits while others were simple reminders of the faith or of their god. Pieces had to have significance to the wearer or they would not have been made. As man progressed in his spirituality and skills the jewelry that he made also changed to reflect new beliefs and new talents.

Catholicism has jewelry in the form of crosses, rosaries and crucifixes. These adornments are important to the wearer in reminding them of the suffering of the Savior. Rosaries are used during prayers. Additionally, medallions such as St. Christopher metals are often important to Catholics as well as non Catholics.

While rosaries and crucifixes are less popular with Protestants, the cross is a popular piece of jewelry. In addition, the symbol of the fish found in the catacombs has been important for thousands of years.

Much of the New Age jewelry has ancient roots. New Age practitioners may wear amulets that are copied from ancient artwork. The jewelry may use precious stones or gemstones. The metals may be gold, silver or an alloy.

Native Americans also wear jewelry that can called metaphysical jewelry. Some pieces may have to do with a right of passage while other pieces are only used for specific ceremonies. The United States does have special laws regarding jewelry sold as authentic Native American. These laws also apply to spiritual pieces.

Costs for these pieces may be vary from almost nothing to being very expensive. Some jewelry may be made primarily of plastic and cheap while other pieces are made of precious metals and stones and very expensive. If you have a jeweler make a custom made piece just for you, you can expect to pay the most for the piece.

Whenever planning the purchase of spiritual jewelry, start by setting a budget. By knowing what you want to and can spend can help you in your shopping decisions. Make sure that you are purchasing quality pieces when paying top dollars. Settings should be secure and clasps or other fasteners should be secure. Just as with any other jewelry, a lost stone can ruin a a piece. A defective clasp can result in a lost piece. If you have recently found your spirituality and are not sure about what piece you should purchase, consult with someone more experienced in your religion. They may be able to give you advice about a piece that will continue to have meaning for many years.

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