Dreaming Techniques

Conscious Dreaming Techniques

by Will Sainsbury


Conscious dreaming, don't come to wonder about it. How dream is possible consciously? It may not match with your dream concepts. But if you are able to control your mind and direct your thoughts you can dream while well aware of it. And once you enjoyed the thrill and excitement of conscious dreaming you will never expect for something else.

How is it possible, a most common question? You can practice it if you have a strong desire and you believe that you can do. Being a process fully related with unconscious mind, it has to do a lot with your mental condition. You need to slow down frequency of thoughts and gain control over mind. You should have a disciplined life style and constant effort.

Then what is conscious dreaming and what are the benefits. It means you are aware of dreaming state and can feel like you are really experiencing each incident. You can enjoy your unfulfilled desires through your dreams. You can have a nice vacation in New York and you can dive through Thames. You could move through the sky and travel along wind etc.

Apart from that you can visualize your success, prizes and prosperity that brings to. This visualization definitely affects your actions and that will induce motivation when ever you feel tiresome. You can visualize what you desire deep in mind.

How to practice conscious dreaming? To gin this ability you need to improve your mind by shaping your life style and improving your mind. Avoid heavy food s like meet and diary products which requires a lot of energy for metabolism .you can improve your mind through meditation and yoga. Schedule a little time every day to practice meditation. Make sure that you are regular in your practice.

You have best ways to check your concentration ability. Look at a star on sky, focus on it and think about only star and its features. You may many other stars and moon in sky. Examine are you able to concentrate on it a long time or your memory is deviating.

There are many resources to help you have conscious dreaming experiences. You may buy related books and CDs online and offline markets. You will find lots of articles posted over internet about conscious dreaming. Before jumping to buy one of them, you are recommended to do a proper research on all aspects, considerations and facts of lucid dreaming and resources available out there to get most imperative results.

If you are equipped with all the above mentioned condition, you can start conscious dreaming. Before you sleep lay flat on your bed, close your eyes and think about the incidents that happened in your life that day. All the images will flash before your closed eyes like a film. Gradually your deep desire that you kept in mind will come and flash before your eyes. When you are dreaming all these incidents you will be conscious about it.

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