Enchantment Of New Age Jewelry

The Enchantment Of New Age Jewelry

by Christopher Caramelli


Spiritual jewelry consists of inspirational quotes or stones with healing agents; worn to aide in the conditioning of the character of the person wearing the piece. Each design is created in alignment with the messages engraved on the item. Terms of endearment, religious passages and many other quotes intended to nourish the aura of another can be classified as such.

'Be the change you'd like to see in the world' is a universal theme sought withing different pockets of the world. People from various age groups, cultural backgrounds and religious practices have been inspired by this quote. The jewelry invites in depth and uplifting conversations that brings people to commune together. Just like the music that keeps breaking down barriers.

These items are seen as the perfect gift to honor the spiritual growth of others. Some of those reasons for giving are things like 'being who you are on purpose' and 'acting with intent'. They also serve as great reminders to the importance of family, friendship, and staying connected. And, commemorating milestones, graduations and landing that new job. Any and everything that speaks to the spontaneous natures of life is a moment to honor that special someone.

Crystal and gemstones created by the natural aging of the earth have always had medicinal properties for many cultures. They are thought to have healing properties for addiction, health and variety of others conditions. They are are seen as magnetic force fields to attract prosperity, career success and the stabilizing factor for peace.

Jewelry is normally used to accentuate an outfit for a show stopping affect. This line of jewelry has sentimental value and speaks to a particular experience someone has overcome. The display of items with spiritual meaning is an invitation to appreciate and learn about its properties. The jewelry is manufactured in a variety of ways like rings, necklaces, bracelets and earrings.

The people who choose to wear spiritual ornaments are those who have a belief system that sustains their existence. Wearing an inspirational piece is seen as an extension of the person. The jewelry has a dual purpose - centering its host to a state of peacefulness and encouraging others to become inspired by its presentation. With sayings like 'Live the life you love', it could prove difficult to not give it reflective consideration.

Those who create this type of jewelry are driven by the miraculous encounters they draw from their own experiences. They are survivors who have had their bouts with needing someone to encourage them along their paths in life. Each piece represents the authenticity of a healing experience. The wisdom inscribed on the interface is usually without the signature of its originator - wisdom is free.

Metaphysical jewelry is a way of expressing a belief to universal connectivity. It highlights the vulnerabilities, yearning for similarities and parallels of truths captured within the human experience. The community of its consumer hold a high regard for life in the balance of intentional choice; while inviting observers from other spaces in the world to get on board.

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