How To
                    Become Psychic - Beginning The Process

How To Become Psychic - Beginning The Process

by Laura Lightseer


Wondering how to become psychic is like contemplating how to fly a plane. We all have the ability to learn how, but just reading about it will not actually gain you the skill. You need theory and practice.

The RARE formula is an outline of the steps needed to develop your psychic ability. It stands for relax in meditation, ask through prayer for messages and receive them in their entirety. I created this process to simplify learning how to become psychic.

Relaxing, although inherently pleasurable, for some individuals remains a challenge. The best way to relax is to take up the practice of meditation. If you do not like to meditate or cannot because of an inability to sit still very long, try this approach.

Focus on something you like doing. You can focus on dancing, walking, listening to music, chewing your food or even staring at a candle. It is easier to fill your consciousness with a task, rather than concentrate on a void. Focus is a magical method to open the gateway to your psychic mind.

The next step in discovering how to become psychic is to ask. I begin each psychic session with a prayer, asking for guidance from a higher power. I also ask for protection, since opening your mind to a psychic world can bring with it mixed energies.

I do not say this to alarm you, but rather to offer you a best practice. While I have never had a negative energy enter my life from psychic work, it is better to work safely.

The last two steps about how to become psychic are to receive entirely everything you get. This is not always easy, especially if you had a repressed childhood, but it is possible to do over time in a safe environment.

A safe environment is what is called a development circle. Over time when you are around friendly supportive people, you can learn how different a psychic message feels from an ordinary idea in your own mind.

Finally after much practice you will get to a point where a client denying your messages will mean nothing to you. You will know to trust your psychic messages like a blind man trusts his seeing eye dog.

A message from the psychic realm is always correct. It is only our human mind which chokes the clarity, polluting its purity.

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