Informality Of Gay Tours

The Informality Of Gay Tours

by Howie Holben


Gay people have seemingly always existed as their is historic evidence of homosexual activity and indeed one of the most often cited bastions of gay acceptance, the Greeks and Romans, existed over 2,000 years ago. Today, the world is as varied as it has always been and the struggle to accept homosexuality continues to be debated, embraced, and rejected. There are some countries (such as Canada), however, that are extremely accepting of gays and allow them to marry. If a country is not totally welcoming, there are still arenas that cater to gays like travel agencies that put together gay tours.

In the United States, gay rights are debated across a variety of regions whose ideals shift radically based on culture and religion. Some cities are more gay friendly than others and some states, like Vermont, allow gay marriages that would not be recognized otherwise. Because America is a melting pot, the reaction to homosexuality runs the gamut, but it is still better than countries like Iran which punish gay lifestyles with death sentences.

Is it a choice? Are you born gay? These are the questions that the rest of the world struggles with and that a gay child does not concern themselves with. To be gay is to realize your difference very early one and carry that into puberty. Adolescence is already a time of struggle and reflection that for gay teens, includes having to choose between being in the closet and acting the part of a straight teen or coming out and dealing with reactions that can be either accepting or rejecting.

Coming to terms with sexuality and a place in the world means finding like minded individuals. Technology, thankfully, has stepped forward and given gays a voice and a community. Lesbian Gay and Transgendered (LGBT) groups have come forward to make gayness a safe and normal state of being that is supported and full of love.

Being in a room full of people and feeling comfortable with your sexuality is not something many straight adults ever have to worry about and for gays, there is a desire to find place that they can stop being defined by their sexuality. People are more than the sum of their sexual appetites and so being about to get away and be surrounded by other gay people can make the sexual aspect melt away and leave behind nothing but a community of acceptance. Traveling the world with in gay tours can be a transformative travel experience.

Gay tours also work as a great travel template to know where there are areas in which acceptance is high, bringing the overall anxiety level down. These tours can be centered on cruise ships with varying destinations and a very party boat atmosphere or they can be more focused and smaller, like wildlife tours that let you explore the natural wonders of places like Alaska.

The variety and number of vacations is only part of the tailor made aspects of gay tours. You can choose to be part of a mix of gays, lesbians, and their friends, or just gay families, or just gay men, and even just lesbians. The choice is yours

It is time to experience the world in a loving and accepting environment so that you can concentrate on the act of travel. The world is a huge, diverse, and impressive place so experiencing it on gay vacations with other gay individuals takes a huge psychological burden off of your shoulders.

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