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Learning about Premonitions

by Angeline Duport


Premonitions are experiences where you see details about future events. These experiences might be unsettling - many people feel nervous, uneasy, anxious, or a general feeling of disquiet, even when they have experienced a premonition that does not have anything to do with a bad event. However, the term "premonition" generally refers to seeing unpleasant events, such as a major disaster in the person's future, or that of someone they care about.

Many times, the person that has the premonition is able to hear or see an event from the future. It is more common just prior to a time that will be very emotional, like an accident or a death or something else that is tragic. Premonitions often occur during sleep as do many of the other psychic phenomenons but have been known to occur during consciousness. The conscious mind will not allow us to understand things that are shown in the future when we are wide awake.

The majority of premonitions are related to the senses, and most people experience emotional distress for no reason while they're occurring - a hard to describe feeling that something bad is going to happen. These events can occur at a significant distance from the person who is actually experiencing the premonition, and without their having had any outside information that might tell them that something is wrong.

Many of the premonitions are about events that are going to happen to people that are connected emotionally with the person having the premonition. This could be a relative, a friend, or someone else that the person loves.

But why are premonitions often experienced when things are about to turn bad and not when the good things are going to happen? This could possibly be the same reason that it is more difficult to see things when we are awake then when we are asleep. If there is no force there to overrule our minds, the conscious minds that we have will overrule the less logical information that comes in and we are not able to process it.

The conscious mind is much less effective when we are sleeping and when we are under a great amount of stress. It is not able to maintain control over our unconscious minds and this is the part that allows us to see premonitions. That is why people are typically only able to see the future perceptions when the outcome is going to be negative. There are those, though, that can see the positive events in the future.

There have been several people that are able to see the positive events that will occur in the future. While many people see this as fortune telling or prophecy rather than a premonition, it is the same effect as a premonition. Knowledge about what will happen in the future is being told in the present.

No one has been able to give a definite answer as to why phenomenon such as this occurs. Some think it is just a dream in a form but how does that explain how accurate the premonitions and prophetic dreams are? Even the smallest of details are told before they even happen. While many people have opinions on why prophetic visions and dreams are present, not one has been objectively verifiable. All that is for sure is that many people claim to have such experiences.

There are those that believe that a divine force, such as a universal spirit or a god, is causing the visions. There are others that the nonlinearness of time is causing these occurrences as we are remembering things that are happening all in the same moment in time. There are also those that believe that time is a record that continuously replays itself and that we are simply remembering things that happened during the last turn of the record. The web of energy belief is another in which people think that everything is connected by a web of energy and the information is simply being relayed down the web.

Regardless of how premonitions occur, there is the possibility of making them conscious. This is rare, and extremely difficult, since it involves forcing your conscious mind to release control, without believing erroneous information produced by your imagination. However, with appropriate practice and effort, some people are capable of haivng a premonition or prophetic vision intentionally.

There are many different ways to do this, and they vary significantly according to the person. Some people require the use of prayer or meditation, while others must use isolation and focused concentration.

The visions that occur are not always very important. There are some people that can only see things that are really not that important in their lives and the events that are very important are never seen. With this said, if you work hard and find the technique that is best for you, you too could have intentional premonitions.

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