Witchcraft: How Has It Changed?

Modern Witchcraft: How Has It Changed?

by Rick Dupont


Witchcraft has come a long way over the years. In the beginning people were first introduced to witchcraft by seeing old haggard witches standing around a brewing pot boiling some sort of concoction. It is important to realize that this is no longer what witchcraft is all about and today there are a lot of regular people who are getting in on it. Witchcraft has come a long way and modern witchcraft offers a whole different story to those who practice it.

The spread of Wicca and modern witchcraft spells has been truly amazing. More and more people are seeing all that witchcraft has to offer and are realizing that it is not just about a bunch of hexes to turn people into rats. Of course many of the people who are practicing modern witchcraft today are still a bit wary of letting other people know that they do. You have to figure that centuries ago anyone who practiced witchcraft or casted spells of any kind was thought to be a witch and was burned at the stake.

This is certainly not an appealing image to someone who is involved in the same thing today. Of course burning at the stake is not something that would ever take place in our time but it does cause a certain internal fear in people. This is why it is so important for our generation to realize that there is nothing scary about witchcraft. Modern witchcraft includes hundreds of thousands of different spells one can try out and they are really a lot of fun.

Once you feel that the enough energy is generated, you need to release it by saying the chant for the last time, and ending with So Mote It Be. The area inside the circle is prohibited for any unwanted elements, and it only serves at the exclusive energy field for the witchcraft. To practice the art of witchcraft, get someone who is willing to give you the hands-on experience and knowledge, but beware of the organizations or people charging huge fee to teach anything. Each spell has a specific goal, and hence the person doing the ritual needs to raise the relevant energy in order to cast it.

This energy drives and empowers the spell and concentrating on the dancing, candle flame or chanting the incantations help raise the energy. Meditation is a good way to look within yourself, and discover your own powers. Study pantheons of different pagan religions including Roman, Greek, Celtic, Norse etc, and see which one fascinates you the most. Dismantle the towers set up around the circle, and finally, the circle must be released as well in order to restore the space.

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