Mystery Within Metaphysical Jewelry

The Mystery Within Metaphysical Jewelry

by Christopher Caramelli


Artisan-crafted spiritual healing jewelry is a uniquely attractive addition to any jewelry collection and is a wonderful choice when in search of a meaningful gift for a friend, family member or partner. With healing stones, natural metals, beautifully handmade beads and intentional crafting, metaphysical jewelry has high visual appeal, as well as emotional, spiritual and physical healing properties. metaphysical jewelry is created for balancing energies, spiritual rejuvenation and allowing you to adorn yourself with beautiful, handcrafted pieces imbued with healing energies.

Energy medicine was one of the first methods of healing and has been in use for millennia in cultures around the world. Traditional healers and old-world societies were well aware of the healing benefits of certain stones, metals and natural elements long before precise energy measurements could be conducted using modern scientific instruments. Those who sought healing in the ancient world were frequently given spiritual healing jewelry, such as a necklace, bracelet or amulet with a particular combination of healing stones and natural materials to assist them on their journey towards physical, emotional or spiritual healing.

The energy vibrations and subtle healing abilities of stones used in spiritual jewelry vary and are connected to various emotions, areas of personal development and parts of the body. The stones used in handcrafted metaphysical jewelry are commonly chosen for their specific capacity to balance particular energies or open certain chakras in a manner that is beneficial to the wearer. The use of spiritual jewelry in healing practices has been passed down through the generations of traditional and spiritual healers and is widely used today, including the increasing popularity of bestowing inspirational jewelry upon a loved one who needs healing, or simply to express our affection and concern for their overall spiritual well-being.

Of course, purchasing handcrafted spiritual jewelry for yourself and incorporating these lovely pieces into your daily life is also a wonderful way to center yourself, balance and focus energies, work on personal development and invest in your own spiritual and emotional healing process. Selecting a piece of inspirational jewelry that you feel drawn to is an empowering experience in itself and encourages you to focus your intentions, while putting forth the energy that you are open to and want the healing energies that the incorporated stones offer. Whether you are seeking healing for a troublesome physical ailment, wish to become more centered in your everyday life or desire an increased capacity to express yourself creatively, metaphysical jewelry fitted with healing stones that will assist you with their subtle energies can help you achieve your goals and enhance your well-being.

Spiritual healing jewelry is a becoming, convenient way to ensure you are surrounded by the subtle healing energies of stones, metals and other natural elements throughout the day and is a lovely adornment that can swathe you in the centering energies of black tourmaline, or bring you the good fortune of aventurine, the awareness and thought amplification of lapis lazuli, the courage and confidence encouraged by tiger eye, the wisdom brought by sodalite or the protection offered by agate.

One of the many beautiful things about finding the spiritual jewelry that is right for you or for a gift is that there are no wrong decisions. You will be naturally drawn to the spiritual healing jewelry that is most appropriate for the healing needed or the purpose it is intended, ensuring that whichever piece of metaphysical jewelry you select, it will be the right one for you or the intended recipient.

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