Past Life
                    Reincarnation Not Such A New Thing

Past Life Reincarnation Not Such A New Thing

by Alistair Macdonald


Many people thing that with the New Age religions that are coming out past life reincarnation is something new. This is nothing of the sorts. Just the opposite is true. This idea that you were once something else and are now this human form has been around for quite some time. It started with the idea of Buddha.

Buddhists and Hindus are major believers. The Chinese who are Buddhist actually have a calendar. You look up the year in which you were born and that tells you what you were in your past life. For instance with myself being born in the year 1984, I would have been a rat in my past life. Pretty interesting don't you think?

In most cases, their societies believe that once a soul leaves this earth, it transforms into a new life. The person that you were before you left was once something else. They do not put measures as to what you were before this life either. For some they were a shrub while others were an animal.

Many people of these cultures find this to be a very good thing. It sort of brings them a peace of mind. Many of them feel that this is the chance at life. They find it to be sort of a new beginning of sorts. That is, they have been dealt this bad hand, but is given the chance to live a new life. How many of us have always said we have wanted that? We would like to try life over and in a different body? Many have admitted to thinking that.

Some who are a bit skeptical about past life reincarnation would like to know if they were someone else in a past life. This is quite a normal question. Since half of those who believe that they were someone in a past life are in their mid twenties they might find themselves a bit confused. When talking with those who are believers they have said that they knew that they were someone else in a past life as they found they had talents that they never knew were there. They don't remember being able to do this or that.

For those who have felt this tug like there has to be more, one will persuade you that you have been something else in a pastlife. How else would you know such things. It is a rather confusing topic, but once you believe, some will say that you will find inner piece and be ready to serve this karma breathing gift in which you have been given in a previous life. They might wonder how you go about tuning into this, and this you need to be in the right mind.

For some, they say learning this and listening to the gods to find out what you should do with this gift that you were given in a previous life is hard for new believers. They say you really have to apply yourself. That is why such religions practice the art of meditation. This is supposed to help you to clear your mind and take you to another world.

Whether you believe or not, this concept of reincarnation is becoming more wide spread. While there are many who don't bleieve in this and feel that the people who do believe in this only do so because they want something to help them through tough times, who are we to judge? It's nothing new. It's been around for a number of years, more are just accepting it.

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