Subconscious Mind Power Is The Universe

Your Subconscious Mind Power Is The Universe

by Ronald Bigley


If you've ever seen the film Field of Dreams (or even if you haven't), you've heard the phrase 'if you build it, they will come'. Your subconscious mind power is what you want to build " just think and what will come is anything you can envision.

You already have all of the power you need to change everything about your life for the better " it's inside of you; in your subconscious mind. In fact, your mind is much more powerful than you've probably ever imagined. It can heal you, help you to transcend the physical world and to make yourself feel the heights of elation or the depths of despair. If you could learn to control your subconscious mind power, you can do things you've only imagined.

You're probably skeptical about this idea, but bear with me a moment. One example which may help you to see the possibilities comes from the world of clinical trials: the placebo effect. The control group in a test are given a placebo and the experimental group are given the medication being tested, though neither group knows whether or not it is actually receiving the drug.

Subconscious mind power comes into play here and in many studies, both groups of participants will report almost exactly the same effects. Since both groups believe that they're receiving the drug, their minds influence their bodies, making them feel the effects which they know the medication can produce.

For this reason, some physicians would rather not tell patients about the side effects of a given drug when prescribing it for the first time. Since they know that the power of suggestion can cause their patients to experience these effects, they may omit these details to prevent this from happening.

You can access your subconscious mind power by using this power of suggestion. The placebo effect can be put to work to make positive changes in your life. When you can control the suggestions which are fed to your subconscious, your mind power becomes truly your own.

Using visualization techniques is one of the best ways of unlocking the potential of your subconscious mind power. It's easy to do as well. All you need to do is to form a picture of your goal in your mind.

Something else you can do, either on its own or along with visualization is to use an actual image of the object of your desires. Suppose that you've got your heart set on a new car. You can find a photograph of the car that you'd like or even better, you can have yourself with the car that you'd like to have. Then place this picture somewhere that you'll see it every day. You have to see the picture often in order to get the best results from this method. The more you see it, the stronger this image becomes in your subconscious mind and the more of your own mind power you can put towards achieving this goal.

There have always been people who have known the power of their subconscious and the efficacy of visualization and suggestion in harnessing this power, but it's only been very recently that we've even begun to gain an understanding of the mechanics involved.

In the field of quantum physics, there are many who think that being observed has an effect on the behavior of matter which is all at its essence made up of pure energy. The fact that simply observing matter makes a difference to its properties or even its very existence means that your subconscious mind power could be put to work in changing your world once you learn to tap into these abilities.

It may not be that our universe makes us, but that we make the universe. If this is how it really is, as increasing numbers of scientific studies suggest, then subconscious mind power may just be the key to changing the world in a very profound way.

Various religious traditions take it as a given that our minds are able to control or even create our surroundings. Science is now starting to catch up and may be coming to an eventual agreement with the religious and philosophical views on this subject. Regardless of your religious beliefs, if any, it's pretty sure that you are a firm believer in the laws of nature.

If you were able to harness your own subconscious mind power to change reality to your own ends, you'd certainly want to " and you can, once you learn to communicate with your subconscious. Start by using visualization techniques and affirmations to focus your mind on your life goals. Start small; as you develop your subconscious mind power, you'll be able to achieve ever greater things in your life.

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