Astral Projection

Beginner's Astral Projection

by Laura Lightseer


If you have ever had a dream you were flying, you might remember how thrilling it is. This is an example of astral projection.

Most people do not remember their astral projection. However, just because you do not remember it doesn't mean it did not happen. Every night when we sleep a portion of our unconscious state is an out of body experience. The ability to astral project to different dimensions holds within it much richness and growth for the individual, therefore, developing this skill can help you tremendously in your life.

The other way to do astral travel is deliberately through mind development, awareness and exercise. It takes a Yogi years of meditation, intention and discipline to travel astrally. But today there are audios designed to synchronize hemispheres of the brain to bring on the brain wave state suitable for astral projection.

After my mother passed away I had an interesting out of body experience. I was living in the house she owned before she passed. Four months after her passing I lay in bed one morning in a very relaxed, groggy state. Suddenly my consciousness popped out of my head and floated to the hallway outside my bedroom.

I looked down the hallway and saw a figure walking towards me. It was my mother, totally unaware of me, busy at her tasks for the day.

The second I realized I was looking at my mother, my awe struck mind darted right back to its physical home.

Many people have much more clear, controlled astral projections than I. One of them was my ex husband. He recalls feeling like he was floating suddenly above his body in his bedroom, drifting towards the ceiling.

Finally it passed through the ceiling and floated outside in the night sky. He was drawn to a location where a car was swerving out of control on the road. Finally the car fell off the road decapitating the head of the driver. The next day he found out it was a fellow employee.

The first step to do astral projection for beginners is to learn as much about it as possible. A good place to begin learning is to read books written by one of the top experts in the field, Robert Monroe. He has founded a research center in Virginia and has written several books about this phenomenon.

The next step is to state the desire to do astral projection. To help this process along, start keeping a journal on the results of your astral projection experiences. The act of opening a dialogue with your subconscious mind will synchronize your consciousness to it allowing this to happen.

If you keep training your mind to slow down, pay attention by keeping records and learning as much as you can about the process, soon you will be having lucid out of body experiences both deliberately and when you sleep.

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